Goodness me, it’s been a while since we told you what’s been going on. We’ll try and put this right as soon as we can.


First off, our folding hinges for the DJI Flamewheels just got lighter, smaller, more adjustable and so much better!

We’ve removed the DJI arm completely and replaced it with a 10mm square carbon tube. This greatly reduces the weight of the whole assembly and also means you can now adjust it’s length! Want a 6″ pocket rocket or a 15″ heavy lift. Knock yourself out!


But not only that, without the original DJI arm we can now do so much more! Folds down even smaller than before and has optional integrated landing legs. All the details can be found on the product page here.


We’re rather proud of them, and responding to a customer request, we can now supply you with reversed motor mounts should you wish to turn your F450 Quad into an X8 octocopter.


Go nuts and happy flying!