It’s been some time now since we produced our first folding arms for the DJI flamewheel and the design needed a little refresh.

The old design was great in some ways (strength and rigidity) but bad in a few others (fiddly to assemble, the nuts would always fall out of the holders and the wood would sometimes splinter on the edges).


So we’ve made some improvements…

  • The outside surfaces have all been replaced with indestructible Delrin (Acetal) plastic so any contact areas with nuts and bolts no longer wears down the wooden surface. This gives the whole design much more strength and longevity.
  • The three nut holders have been engraved rather than cut through to make assembly easier and also to apply a wider clamping force on the frame. Easier to build and more secure.
  • Bolts in the frame are now all M3 rather than M2.5 in order to fit square nuts. This greatly reduces the chance of a nut spinning in the captured hole.
New parts list

On top of all this, the design has been modified to fit the huge RCT800 alternative arms! These things are monstrous, so makes folding them all the more useful.

Standard DJI arm vs the massive RCT800 arm

Although some of the hinge parts are similar, the arm bits have all had to change, we hope you like them.

If you’d like us to adapt the design to any particular arm design, let us know.