We love this little case, it’s a really enjoyable platform for building a drone on. But it does mean we have to fit everything in it! And that’s not always an easy task.

Yes yes yes “why are you using a DJI flight controller when a 36mm flight board would be great?”… Yeah we know. But we like it. It just works out the box and lacks the wonderful little bugs you all love trying to squash. The downside though is they give you so much cable between each component and all that has to fit inside as well.

We also need to give you access to the USB port and have everything pointed in the right direction.

ESCs in place

Laser cut frames hold everything in place which is a wonderfully simple solution and means you could easily modify them if you wanted to fit something other than a DJI Naza.

Motor cables extend through the walls of the case and through the brackets

Taking the motor cables through the wall of the case becomes a challenge for waterproofing the box but we think we can solve this by taking them through our arm hinge brackets. This give us lots of options for incorporating waterproofing gromits etc…