The design evolves and improves as time goes on. We’ve now got some folding arms and mounts designed for the Nanuk 310 Nano case.

Nanukopter unfolded with delrin hinges and camera module.

The key parts are all made from indestructible delrin plastic that make it super tough. Whilst the arms are made from very lightweight square carbon tubes to protect the motor cables they have been designed to be easily replaced if broken out in the field.

The nose cone is a camera module, protecting and waterproofing the camera whilst giving FPV transmission down to the ground.

All folded away.

The whole aim of this project was to make a tough and rugged drone that was the Land Rover Defender of the drone world. A drone that you could take anywhere but also modify and repair should you need/want to.

On that aim, why put the drone in a box, when it’s already tough and waterproof? Just sling it over your shoulder and off you go. No huge drone rucksack needed!

Sling and go! Waterproof and rugged, this drone doesn’t need a box.

All that’s left to do now is sort out the inside…