We’ve been making good progress with our Tethered Drone prototype and have recently been calling it an Anchor because it seems to sum up some very suitable analogies.

Not long ago Dorset Police (UK) wanted to see if our system was suitable for them. They loved the compactness, the idea it could work with their existing drones and also the low price. We’re hoping to be a few thousand pounds rather than the usual £20k+ or £150k+ for a tether.

So we packed all our power electronics into a neat little hard back carry case, complete with manual winch for the cable and after a quick trial run on a generator, off we went.

A big day for this little machine, made even more pressured by the news that Devon, Gloucester and Bath Police Forces will be joining them for the demonstration… we better grab a coffee…

Bring on the A game… coffee and cakes
Taking power from the battery of a Police Car

Certainly a tense moment for us…

Tethered drone on display with the Police

It worked great, straight out the box and just as we hoped.

The remaining challenge now is to use it with their drones. They were using a DJI Phantom and an Inspire. But weren’t too happy with them. A new company for us has been courting them, Yuneec with their Typhoon H. This could be just the ticket.

On the face of it, it seems a very similar drone to a Phantom, but we’ve been reliably informed that Yuneec do not encrypt their battery signals… There’s hope left!

Next step is to take a Typhoon apart and see what’s going on.