In part 2 of this journey to build a 6 axis joystick we got it to work, but we quickly discovered that making more than one of these was a task no one wanted to do. So many little wires and fiddly bits. Lets join the 21st century and use some amazing folks at Ragworm to replace all these wires with a PCB. So much simpler. Why did we not think of this sooner?

The second major innovation in simplicity here, as we found with our Nanukopter, is the move away from 3D printing and to laser cutting. Makes such an improvement to our speed of prototyping and assembly.

Note the strap, we think it’s the best way to keep it on the desk

The updated version is ready for testing, and there’s no better way than an evening of Elite Dangerous. Really a very enjoyable and different experience. Personally I dropped a couple of movement axis in favour of some keyboard commands but we each found different ways suited us. We’re going to start getting it ready for you to try it yourselves.

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The obvious next step was to move from the virtual world into the real one… Now the very threat of an out of control drone heading straight for our faces became a very real possibility.

So we tied it to the ground, just for good measure 🙂

Good thing we did, the climb function was a little too aggressive, but it works a treat. Very happy with it.