Sometimes silly little things can really bug you. We’ve been building and flying DJI’s F450 and F550 kit craft for some time now and love them. But they (and all larger craft) are really awkward to move and handle when not flying. The hexcopter flamewheel is a circle over 60cm in diameter. It takes up the whole boot of the car!

So we started playing with the idea of making folding hinges for them and noticed a few other benefits as well. Folding hinges will:

  • Allow the whole craft to fold neatly away
  • Make it easier to carry around in public
  • Add an 8 degree dihedral angle to the arms for more stable flight
  • Allow larger props and bigger motors to be fitted.

Pretty cool eh?

DJI F550 Flamewheel with UNMND Folding Hinges

Being made of wood allows you to easily customise the colour and adds very little weight to the overall frame whilst still being super strong and cheap to replace.

It took us a long time to design a product that didn’t introduce any wobble into the frame. The latest version starts to flex the plastic arm before the hinge, so we’re think we’ve sorted it.