It’s a weekend and I’m playing with the 3D printer. We’ve been working with a close friend of ours (Chris Shaw at B3D Technology) on 6 axis joysticks… That’s forwards & backwards (X) [1] left & right (Y) [2] up & down (Z) [3] pitch [4] roll [5] and yaw [6]. Most joysticks are only 2 axis, X & Y.

After a lot of throwing ideas around, pontificating and general head scratching I think we’ve got something that could work!


Arranging 4 little joysticks in a cross, with a ring linking all the heads together should allow you to move in every direction with a single hand.

The background to all this is (as you might have gathered already) we’re terrible at flying drones… The two little sticks (throttle & yaw, pitch & roll) just don’t come naturally to us. Which is surprising bearing in mind a childhood (and adulthood) of gaming. So there had to be a better way…

This is our first play at building an intuitive joystick for drone flying but it could be used for lots of other things.

One hand on the bottom with the other grabbing the ring. Now move / lift / rock the ring in any direction you want to go.

Doesn’t work yet but the feel is comfortable and makes sense intuitively.