Yes yes, we got carried away. We took it too far. Fancy dress they said. For a pirate themed canoe ride they said. Not build your own boat!

Oh well. A great excuse to have some fun and learn some new skills.

Checking to see if we’d fit

The desk seemed like an obvious place to put this thing. Ribs in place, hand rails on. Now to clad it. A clinkered hull was the only sensible choice… obviously.

Shame every bloody panel was different and would require a mathematical PhD to work out. Think we’ll just guess it and trim to fit, screw it down, use rather a lot of expanding glue and maybe a little wood filler…

Now all we need to do is fit an internal skin, fill the gap with expanding foam, and hey presto. We have a boat, and a lot of sticky fingers. Next time we will use the supplied gloves.

It floats! Mostly, so silicone gel on the joints and we’re ready.
Ready for the open water.

Isn’t she a beauty?